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Demand more from your hiring partner, not from your budget.

When recruitment is powered by Troi, magic happens.

We offer a scalable embedded recruitment service providing in-house talent acquisition teams to help you hire at scale and retain. All on a flexible monthly basis.

We’ve been transforming the way people view recruitment for over 5 years and have become pretty good at it.

We’re a tech-focused company offering a ton of value-added solutions, not just your hires.

  • Sourcing talent from pools you can’t reach
  • Employer branding
  • Inbound and outbound strategies
  • Process redesign
  • DE&I and retention 
  • And of course, making your hires with no placement fees

We are a pioneer of the embedded solution and want to show you our way. 

With so many companies attempting to deliver the same model…some do it well…some not so…and some still figuring out how.

Why not have a quick chat with us and we’ll show you our best hand?



Building your first team isn’t easy. That’s why we offer a full end-to-end service that fulfils your entire talent function. Our service includes designing processes, implementing your ATS, employer branding, and hiring. We have a full suite of tools at no extra cost. We recommend this level of service for a minimum of 5 hires over 3 months and have been a successful model at PassFort.


There’s no one way to scale a business. That’s why we work with scaling businesses to tailor a solution that’s right for them. From process design through to hire we can bring in expertise where you need it most. This tailored experience is great for companies that need to hire 20 or more people over six months and has been successful at companies such as Zapp and Zizoo.


For enterprise clients, we’re a plug-and-play hiring partner that supports growth and frees up capacity for existing teams at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house talent team. For enterprise clients, we suggest a minimum of 100 hires over a twelve-month period with anything over providing even higher cost savings. To see how we’ve helped our enterprise partners take a look at our Holland & Barrett or Miro case studies.


Just some of the amazing companies we work with


With 4 years of experience delivering subscription-based recruitment, we’ve helped over 100 companies deliver on their growth targets. That works out to roughly 150+ hires a month for us.

You could say we’re experts. You would be correct.

Our model enables us to be versatile. We cater to companies of all sizes and requirements., and can support your Tech and/or GTM hiring. But that’s not even the best part.

Unlike your run-of-the-mill agency recruitment, we fully integrate with your team and become part of your culture. This enables us to deliver on all your hiring requirements while providing a consistent candidate experience across your entire business.

Our services include employer branding, process design, and inbound and outbound strategy, to deliver the best candidate experience and hires for your business.

We’ll work with you every step of the way from defining your recruitment journey all the way to onboarding your dream hire.

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    • Complex searches
    • Your inbound and outbound strategy
    • DE&I within recruitment
    • Process design
    • Employer branding
    • Anything!