Saved £200k+ in 6 months on recruitment costs

Yoto is an interactive audio platform for kids making carefully connected audio players that kids control without using a screen supported by a catalogue of audio that inspires creative play and learning.


Savings vs agency model.


Total hires to date.


Reduction in time to hire.

The challenge

The company underwent rapid growth, resulting in numerous changes within the people and HR team. However, there was no dedicated talent function or resource in place to manage this growth effectively.

Additionally, the company faced challenges related to prolonged timelines for extending job offers, which needed to be addressed.

Troi’s Previous Engagement: Troi had previously collaborated with Yoto for several months through our sister company, Edge1 placing 2 technical professionals on a success basis…and they LOVED our way of working.

The solution

Built Trust with Hiring Managers

Worked quickly to establish trust with hiring managers and instilled confidence in the recruitment and talent acquisition process.

Collaborated with Maternity Cover People Director Collaborated closely with the Maternity Cover People Director to overhaul existing recruitment procedures.

Developed and Implemented New Role Briefs

Created and implemented new role briefs while refining the conviction-to-hire processes.

embedded recruitment with Troi for Yoto

The results

25 hires with time to offer at 20 days as an average across the new hires – previously to Troi coming in, time to offer as +/- 40 days.

Surpassing every target set, as well as streamlining hiring processes and being Yoto culture champions, Troi saved Yoto over £200k in their recruitment costs (compared to traditional agency spend).

The successful partnership with Yoto continues.

Key hiring areas for Yoto