Partnering with Troi, we will secure you incredible talent through our modern take on the traditional RPO model.

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Partnering with Troi, we will secure you incredible talent through our modern take on the traditional RPO model.


RPO is the flexible future of modern recruitment. An RPO recruiter can replace or complement your existing talent function as a third-party specialist, allowing you to grow quickly and at scale when needed. This ‘plug and play’ model is the agile solution to your hiring needs.

Troi’s RPO model

Troi’s RPO model combines the best of in-house, agency, and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services. We embed our team within your organization to provide end-to-end recruitment services, including employer branding, candidate sourcing, and onboarding. With our RPO model, you can expect improved hiring quality and speed, while freeing up your resources to focus on your core business objectives.

So, what is RPO recruitment?

RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. It refers to when a company uses an external talent acquisition specialist or team instead of using an agency or an in-house team. The business is ‘outsourcing’ its talent search, benefitting from the added expertise of a third party, but one with much more understanding of your company and its culture than a traditional recruitment agency.

An RPO covers all steps in the recruitment lifecycle, from talent sourcing to screening support to recruitment administration to interviewing as well as workforce planning, offer management and onboarding, so you can focus on running your business.

The advantages of using an RPO recruiter

The RPO model is a new, more efficient recruitment model which can be used by companies of all sizes to scale. Compared with a recruitment agency, an RPO:

  • Can move quickly to fill urgent scaling needs
  • Acts as a long-term partner with your business and invests in understanding your culture and long-term goals and incorporating these into your hiring strategy
  • Works with your existing team members, whether you have an in-house team or not.

This brings businesses all of the benefits of an in-house recruitment team without the added cost of acquiring or expanding an expensive internal team.

Whilst recruitment agencies are often sales focused, as they are paid per successful placement of candidates, our subscription approach means we keep the focus on finding the talent which is best for you.

RPO recruitment allows you to add extra experience and talent personnel when you need to scale quickly, extending your in-house resources at the drop of a hat.

How does Troi’s embedded recruitment model fit into RPO?

Troi’s embedded recruitment model is an RPO with a twist. Most RPO recruiters still operate outside of a business as an external team, whereas we embed within your company. We work with your team members as though we were an in-house team, but with more flexibility. We operate on a monthly subscription model with a range of scaling packages, allowing you to grow your workforce quickly when needed without compromising on quality.

Scale your team quickly and flexibly…Troi’s RPO model

Fixed monthly subscription

Our embedded RPO model operates on a monthly subscription at a fixed rate, which allows you to plan your recruitment costs. There are no hidden fees or commissions to pay per hire as in the recruitment agency model, so even when you hire more, your fees simply stay the same. We also don’t charge any extra for our recruitment tools which we share with you, including LinkedIn licences and statistic trackers.

Gain access to the expertise of our global teams

Our teams have years of experience in recruitment and operate globally. When you subscribe to Troi, you not only get your own recruitment specialist or specialists, you also get the added benefit of the hive mind of all of our recruiters. Together, we know your markets inside out and want to use our experience to help your business grow.

And to our recruitment technology

We have a range of data-driven recruitment technologies to help you track the quality and speed of your hiring process as well as retention rates. As part of our service, we implement our technologies and train you in them too, generating comprehensive data insights for strategic hiring. You can even engage and pay your contractors through Troi, with no added conversion or ‘temp to perm’ charges. We help you keep abreast of the latest recruitment technologies, keeping track of the present and planning for the future.

We’re an agile, ‘plug in and play’ solution to your hiring challenges

Need to hire quickly at scale? No problem. We’re agile, quick and flexible. We can plug into your business in a couple of weeks and even operate alongside your existing talent function, taking ownership of the full end-to-end hiring process. We take the headache out of project hiring or rapid expansion. You can find out more about how we’ve done this in the past with our case studies below.

But we still offer lasting change

Whether you need us long-term or not, we’re committed to offering your company lasting change. We will help you build successful recruitment processes which last with personalised long-term planning.

We’re often the cheapest recruitment solution

Because you don’t pay commission per hire and you can plan your costs with our subscription model, we’re often the cheapest solution for business clients whilst still maintaining quality.

Whilst the cost of RPO services differs depending on how involved the provider is with your business and how much work they do in your company (and they often require payment upfront), we have a predictable monthly fee, which helps your company plan for the future and save. We have a range of packages on offer and you can change packages as your hiring needs change.

Good things happen with Troi.

Holland & Barrett

Average Annual Savings: £2.1m
Total Hires to date: 357


Average Annual Savings: €1.1m
Total Hires to date: 50

EPIC Games

Average Annual Savings: $780,000
Total Hires to date: 47

Troi combines the best parts of internal and external recruitment solutions.

Internal recruiters, often an in-house team, tend to know your business better than an external recruiter like a recruitment agency. But an internal team isn’t flexible and can be costly. Troi gives you the best of both worlds with the flexibility of an external recruitment provider on a subscription basis whilst getting to know your business and your culture through our embedded recruitment model.

Our teams help you through every step of the recruitment lifecycle.

Step 1:
Initial audit

We conduct an audit of your business and recruitment processes to see where you are now and what your business needs. We get to know your company and give you access to our technology and data metrics, treating this as a partnership.

Step 2:
Market insights and workforce planning

We use our tools to help you talent map and understand your industry, creating insights in your field including how many candidates are available to you, how to tap into additional sources of talent and where you might be missing talent. We also help you with workforce planning for the near and longer term future.

Step 3:
Sourcing candidates

We use our network and expertise to source the best candidates for your roles, in consultation with any existing in-house talent acquisition team you may have.

Step 4:
Pre-screening and assessments

We refine your candidates with pre-screening and assessments, whilst ensuring we don’t put off any potential candidates before their interview.

Step 5:
Interviews and selection

We help you find the right talent through effective and consistent interviews with mind to best equality and diversity practices.

Step 6:
Offer management and onboarding

We don’t just stop at candidate selection. We help build excitement before a candidate joins and help onboard your talent quickly and effectively with our understanding of your company culture.

Step 7:

After the recruitment process has commenced, we collect data and analytics to create reports to help understand what you’re doing right and what can use improvement in your recruitment process. We then start this process again as we continue to recruit for you when needed.

Our RPO model is an embedded hiring service that includes employer branding, process design, and inbound and outbound strategy, creating a seamless experience for both you and your candidates.

embedded hiring model with Troi

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What is RPO?

RPO (or Recruitment Process Outsourcing) is a talent acquisition model where all or some of a company’s recruitment is outsourced to an external provider.

What are the advantages of RPO?

An RPO brings external expertise to your team quickly and easily, filling any gaps in your existing talent acquisition team or acting in place of an in-house team. As opposed to using a recruitment agency, however, an RPO acts as a strategic partner who stays with your business long term.

An RPO can offer you advice on best practice and help you build lasting processes.

What does ‘internal’ and ‘external’ recruitment mean?

‘Internal’ recruitment is when a talent acquisition team works internally in a business, as an in-house team, whilst ‘external’ recruitment is when a business outsources its recruitment to a provider outside of the company, such as a recruitment agency or an RPO specialist.

What are the advantages of ‘internal’ and ‘external’ recruitment teams?

Internal recruitment teams understand your business, as they operate within it, whereas external providers can offer additional and specialised expertise and can be taken on for particular projects or goals..

What is the difference between an RPO and a recruitment agency?

An RPO is an external recruitment model, which means the recruitment function is handled by a third party, unlike an in-house team.

The agency recruitment model is when you hand over all of your hiring function to an external company which specialises in recruitment. The agency acts as the middleman in the hiring process–connecting you with potential candidates.

The new ‘embedded’ version of RPO is similar to traditional RPO but with a key important upgrade: the recruitment function embeds fully into your company to essentially act as your in-house team but at a fraction of the cost. It’s essentially the best of both worlds of internal and external recruitment.

How does Troi combine the ‘internal’ and ‘external’ recruitment models?

Troi’s recruitment teams are a mixture of the best bits of both internal and external recruitment teams. We are an external partner which operates by embedding in your businesses, offering you flexibility while really getting to know your workplace culture and goals.

Do I have to get rid of my in-house team to use an RPO like Troi?

No. An RPO can add additional expertise to your existing talent function, whether short or long term, training your team and leaving lasting changes. If you don’t have an existing in-house team, Troi can act alone as your talent function.

What benefits do you get with an embedded RPO model like Troi?

Using an embedded Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution can provide several benefits for organisations, including:

  • Improved Hiring Quality
  • Cost Saving
  • Reduced Time-to-Hire
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Access to Technology and Best Practices
People in meeting asking question

RPO for tech talent

Expertise in Tech Recruitment

RPO providers often have specialised expertise in tech recruitment, which can help them understand the nuances of the industry and the specific skills and experience required to attract and retain top tech talent. This expertise can lead to more targeted recruitment strategies, better candidate screening, and a higher quality of hire. Troi’s team comprises of skilled tech recruiters that have a minimum of 8-10 years of tech recruitment expertise (both in-house and agency) which means they’re perfectly placed to hire specialist tech talent at scale – globally.

Access to a Wider Talent Pool

RPO providers often have a larger network of candidates and access to more resources for sourcing candidates, including job boards, social media platforms, and talent databases. This can help them reach a wider pool of tech talent and increase the chances of finding the best fit for the job. Troi even has its very own database and ATS system, built by recruiters for recruiters which is included within the monthly package.

Improved Employer Branding

RPO providers can work with companies to develop and promote their employer brand, which is particularly important in the tech industry where competition for top talent is fierce. By highlighting the company’s culture, values, and opportunities for growth and development, RPO providers can help attract tech talent that aligns with the company’s values and goals.

Cost Savings

RPO providers can help companies reduce the costs associated with recruitment, such as advertising and marketing expenses, while still delivering high-quality candidates. This is particularly important in the tech industry where salaries and benefits can be high, and recruitment costs can quickly add up.