Saved £320k annually on recruitment costs

Starmind are a SaaS provider who have created a single platform that connects every employee to their organisation’s best-available knowledge – powered by AI.


Total savings vs agency model


Specialist tech hires to date

The challenge

Starmind had ambitious growth plans and required an all-star talent acquisition team to drive the business forward with volume hiring.

There were limited internal resources which was resulting in an inconsistent recruitment experience within the existing HR team.

An external HR partner was required to provide a deep understanding and knowledge base around SaaS hiring and ensure the very best in talent was secured for Starmind.

The solution

The hyper competitive market of scale-ups meant that Starmind needed to hire in multiple locations at a rapid scale whilst delivering on:

  • A primary focus on GTM hiring
  • Streamline and improve existing interview process
  • Keep within a budget

Starmind partnered with Troi, as their chosen talent acquisition partner to provide resources and expertise to help hire the right talent whilst supporting the internal HR function to provide a better experience for candidates, reducing time to hire, a more efficient interview process, and attracting the right talent to grow.

The Troi talent acquisition team, have delivered no less than 35 specialist hires to date across Zurich, Frankfurt, Barcelona & New York with GTM hiring roles covering: Sales Managers, Account Managers, Customer Success Managers, and Marketing Managers.

Not forgetting tech of course, our Troians successfully hired a Frontend Engineer and an IT Security Officer to bolster up Starminds IT function!

Surpassing every target set, as well as streamlining hiring processes, ensuring DE&I is considered at every stage, Troi has continued to support Starmind and drive a transformation through hiring and retaining fantastic tech talent.

Key hiring areas for Starmind.

Where shall we go next?


Average Annual Savings: £780k
Total Hires to date: 24


Average Annual Savings: £900k
Total Hires to date: —

Troi, pioneers of the embedded recruitment model hires at scale for Hokodo


Average Annual Savings: £210,000
Total Hires to date: 21

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