Saved £100k in 4 months

Proximie is a technology platform that allows clinicians to virtually ‘scrub in’ to any operating room or cath lab from anywhere in the world. 

By empowering clinicians to share their skills in real-time, we can reduce variation in care and ensure every patient receives the best healthcare every single time.

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Savings vs agency model in 4 months.


Total hires
to date.

The challenge

Prior to Troi joining, Proximie had a large dependency on contingency agency for their tech hires. Their junior internal recruiter was handling too many vacancies which was resulting in an average time to hire across the company of circa 60 days.

The business had a great attitude towards hiring and saw recruitment as an important service, but different business functions were working in different ways so there wasn’t a clear process. There was quite a bit of misalignment between hiring managers at times.

The solution

Troi first implemented a role kick-off process, to discuss the key requirements for the required roles, enabling us to design and implement bespoke interview processes.

The time invested at the start significantly reduced the time to hire.

Troi also designed a bespoke interview scorecard that removed a lot of unconscious bias and was able to spit out a % score for the performance of the candidate, it was deemed numerical data would help push non-committal hiring managers to make more clear-cut decisions.

There was a heavy emphasis on Software Engineering candidates, but multiple hiring managers and teams. Troi established an engineering hiring committee where we discussed candidates, processes and knowledge sharing helping to reduce time to hire and increasing engagement and alignment.

We separated vacancies between Troi and the internal recruiter between Commercial/G2M & Product & Tech. Troi focused initially on P&T, until the internal recruiter left and Troi took over the hiring of the commercial vacancies as well.

Time to hire reduced across the business by 50% in 8 weeks.

£100k savings across agency costs and perm hires that replaced expensive contractors.

Streamlined processes established that can easily scale.

Clear alignment & comms between hiring managers.

0 agency usage in the last 2 months of Troi engagement.

Open vacancy count reduced by 80% during the engagement.

Key hiring areas for Proximie.

Where shall we go next?

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Average Annual Savings: £2.1m
Total Hires to date: 357


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Average Annual Savings: £870,000
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