PassFort was established in 2015 by co-founders Donald Gillies and Henry Irish, who shared a vision to digitally transform the way compliance professionals work, breaking the compromise between compliance and customer experience in the fight against financial crime.

Troi was brought in to support the early growth of the company with high-volume recruitment across both Commercial and Technical sides of the business and through PassForts first Series A fundraising success.

On This Project

Average Annual Savings*


*based on 20% agency rate

Project Length: 12+ months
Average Monthly Hires: 7
Business Size: SME
Hiring Seniority:
Intermediate – Management

Roles We Hired

Python Developers

React Developers

“Troi has offered great value as a Talent Partner to PassFort. As a scaling early stage startup, there’s often an urgency for quite specialised and experienced hires. Troi brings the experience to hit the ground running, ramp quickly to embed into the business and deliver results. 3 months in and we’ve far surpassed expectations in terms of the number of hires, and have successfully transitioned to a predominantly direct-source model. The investment has been well and truly worth it.”

Courtney Suhr – People Manager