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Our flexible recruitment model means we cater to businesses of all shapes and sizes whatever your hiring obstacles. Whether you’re a start-up on your first big recruitment drive or an established enterprise needing to add numbers to hit your targets, we’ve got you covered.

How could Troi work for you?

We customise your service and tailor our hiring solution to the needs of your business. To help you get an idea of what that looks like we’ve put together a brief outline of how we usually see our solution play out with our customers.


Often start-ups are looking to expand teams and departments that are in their infancy, or may not even exist yet – that’s where Troi come in! We can provide processes where there are none, expertise where it’s needed, and new tools to make everyone’s lives easier.

  • Minimum 5 hires
  • Individual consultant
  • 3-month minimum
  • ATS/Tooling
  • Employer Branding
  • Hiring
  • Minimum 5 hires
  • Individual consultant
  • 3-month minimum
  • ATS/Tooling
  • Employer Branding
  • Hiring


Growing pains isn’t only an 80’s TV show, we know only too well the struggles faced when trying to scale a business. When you work with Troi, you’ll get a knowledgeable talent team to help you build out your business. A seamless candidate experience developed especially for you. With the added benefit of avoiding any unexpected fees that can put a serious strain on your operation.

  • Minimum 20 hires
  • Individual or team
  • 6-month minimum
  • Can flex the service to suit your needs
  • Process and hiring driven
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Pivotal moments for large enterprise businesses are often accompanied by significant risk and increased pressure. Our team works alongside your existing talent function and hiring managers, allowing you to flex up to the capacity you need in no time at all, and you have the added benefit of gaining significant expertise in the field you’re hiring for.

  • Minimum 100 hires
  • Team or full hiring function
  • 12-month minimum
  • Supports hiring capacity
  • Add expertise to hiring function

Contractor Solutions

Here at Troi, we don’t just look after your permanent and direct-hire, we also provide a complete contractor solution, finding great talent whilst avoiding the use and high cost of agencies.

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Access to great talent for projects, interim cover, and flexible roles.

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Engage and pay contractors through Troi, with zero conversion or “temp to perm” charges.

Hiring Size

Build compliance with IR35 / employment legislation and include legal appraisal on role and tax status.

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Automated timesheet, pay and bill systems.

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Get peace of mind when dealing with IRS/HMRC

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Increased control over your employer brand.