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Driving growth through digital transformation

We partner with retailers globally that require hiring at scale to build a tech team ready to drive digital transformation. Our unique embedded subscription-based recruitment service shortens the traditional hiring process and saves against traditional agency spend.

The shift toward tech

Many retailers are currently facing a race to modernise and replace legacy architecture. Covid really showed how important it is to have a slick e-commerce solution across the entire customer journey.

From Supply Chain, Warehouse Management Solutions, Smart-Stores, Mobile, Cloud/Platform, Robotics/AI there needs to be a robust system in place to keep up with the latest consumer environment.

Historically there’s been a reliance on Consultancies and White Label solutions to do that job, which made it difficult to streamline costs or interface with bespoke built architecture.

Now, more and more retailers are moving to build their own greenfield solutions to cut costs and create the next big thing in e-commerce.

This is a huge shift in engineering culture. Moving from large releases to straight to production working, you need engineers comfortable with modern methods such as chaos testing, containerisation and continuous improvement.

It’s time to equip your business with a team prepared to propel you through your digital transformation and stay ahead of the game.

Discover how we have partnered with some of the leading retailers as a recruitment subscription able to hire at the scale and speed expected by global retailers.

Holland & Barrett

H&B was bought for £1.8bn by a private equity firm in 2017, with a plan to move from a traditional high street store to a global eCommerce giant within the health and wellbeing space.

Troi was brought in specifically to support the creation of a new in-house technology function and through our embedded talent model allowing H&B to compete and surpass organisations in the wider eCommerce space.

Not a recruitment agency

Our aim is to be the best in direct hiring, to alleviate the process of agency work and we are achieving that aim.

We’re reimagining talent acquisition by delivering a scalable recruitment solution bespoke to your business needs, globally.

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On average shortening the recruitment process from 2 months to 10 days

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Saving £8,000 on average per placement vs agency spend

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Company wide recruitment drives implementing new digital teams

With over 5 years of experience delivering an embedded model, we’ve helped over 150 companies deliver on their growth targets saving over £11 million so far compared to traditional recruitment costs.

You could say we’re experts. You would be correct.

Need a hand finding any of these?

  • Frontend and Backend Engineers
  • Platform Engineering
  • FullStack Engineers
  • Mobile Engineers – IOS/Android/Hybrid
  • SRE
  • UI/UX
  • Product Managers
  • SDET’s
  • QA/Automation
  • Data Engineers and Scientists
Troi - embedded recruitment model

Our recruiters have hired over 500+ across Product, Data, and Engineering for well-known retail brands. From SREs to Data Scientists they have extensive knowledge on how to find and attract the very best talent for you in the market.

They’re experienced across every level of business, hiring entry-level roles all the way up to C-Suite. They are also proficient in building teams across multiple disciplines within tech that have proven to deliver on business objectives.

Hiring across sales, marketing or finance?

  • Sales & Customer Success
  • Marketing
  • People & HR
  • Strategy & Operations
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Finance
Troi - embedded recruitment model

Our dedicated team of Go To Market recruiters have a combined experience of over 50 years in hiring for some of the most well-known companies across Tech, Retail, Banking and the Public sector.

Digital transformation is vital for growth…

Ensuring your company is fully invested within digital technology can help you find new efficiencies, shape new customer experiences to increase transaction ease and volume via online shopping, loyalty schemes and interactive online shopping experiences.

Drop us a message and we’ll arrange a call to discuss how we can assist you on securing the right talent to help you on your way to digital transformation success.