Recruitment solutions for Telco

Plug & Play talent acquisition on a monthly subscription

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Recruitment solutions for Telco

Plug & Play talent acquisition on a monthly subscription

Transforming Telco Recruitment 📡

Innovating with Technology and Consumer-Centric Strategies

We specialise in building high-performing telco teams through our flexible recruitment approach, working in partnership with companies at different stages of growth on an embedded, embedded ROI, project-based, or contingent basis.

Our telco recruitment function has earned the trust of renowned brands in the industry to deliver exceptional talent due to the expertise and fast-paced nature of our highly competent telco recruiting team who have extensive networks and expertise in identifying the very best tech talent who have worked with various tech stacks.

End-to-end recruiting

We work on a transformative initiative to revamp the entire recruiting process, acting as strategic partners to implement new process designs that will propel traditional telco functions away from the traditional “service desk” approach towards a dynamic business partner model.

By fostering strong relationships and establishing effective lines of communication, we will proactively obtain advance notice of hiring needs, enabling us to build a robust talent pipeline in anticipation of future requirements. Not only that, but we will also train your existing internal team covering candidate sourcing/recruitment tools/interview training/score cards/general candidate management, and comms.

    • Market Intelligence 
    • Salary benchmarking
    • DE&I process solutions
    • Omnichannel inbound/outbound strategy
    • Employer branding and value propositions
    • Design and implement hiring process
    • Interview training


Our Talent Acquisition Managers have hired over 350 roles across multiple functions to help drive a huge digital transformation project and have secured talent and leadership experience from Facebook, Google, and Amazon, helping H&B to become an attractive option for developers looking to move.


Saved in recruitment costs.


Tech & commercial hires placed.


Global companies partnered with so far.

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