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Talent Acquisition Squad Lead | Tech & SaaS

Squad Lead specializing in Data, Product & Engineering hiring. Historically experienced hires within the Energy & Pharma space, and more recently within Saas & Technology.

Currently embedded with Flexport as their principal tech recruiter. Prior to Flexport I was embedded with Miro, spending 16 months hiring across Growth, Product, Market, Sales & Success, and People Analytics. Matt has a background of hiring Software Engineers within the Energy & Pharma sectors in a recruitment agency and is now looking forward to joining his next client, whilst supporting Nick Mortimer with Business Development in the Netherlands.

  • Ability to fill ‘hard to fill roles’ through both (high-level) standard & creative sourcing techniques
  • ATS Implementation and ongoing roll-out & support
  • Experience improving time-to-hire through both quick fixes and long-term structure
  • DE&I focused hiring
  • Deep subject matter knowledge most recently within the Analytics & Data Science realm but historically across all things Engineering
  • Ability to connect with and form lasting relationships with senior business leaders

“Matt was an amazing partner. Extremely proactive, very knowledgeable and always looking for opportunities to make our hiring process even better. On multiple occasions, he came up with ‘out of the box’ ideas that helped us identify and close next-level candidates.

You will be very lucky to have him on your team!”