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Revolutionize Your Tech Team with Our Dynamic Recruiting Solution and Unleash the Power of Top Tech Talent! 💥⚡️

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Welcome bitcoiners

Revolutionize Your Tech Team with Our Dynamic Recruiting Solution and Unleash the Power of Top Tech Talent! 💥⚡️

Experience the Troi Disruption: Unleashing Tech Talent Excellence for Scalable Hiring Success 🚀

Troi, a tech-first company revolutionizing talent solutions. Renowned for our ability to attract and hire the absolute best in tech talent, we are at the forefront of driving success through unparalleled recruitment expertise.

As disruptors in the talent acquisition realm, we thrive on challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of traditional approaches. With a dynamic and agile mindset, we stay ahead of the curve, leveraging cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking strategies to exceed expectations.


Plug & Play talent acquisition on a monthly subscription.

The flexible offering for companies that require an embedded talent solution to act as a stand-alone Talent Acquisition function or to support an existing TA team.

Your dedicated Talent Partner will embed into your team, to hire at scale and take control of the full end-to-end process.

Embedded RPO

Delivering at the scale of a traditional RPO but with the flexibility and cost savings of embedded.

Scalable and customisable to meet your specific needs helping you to deliver at speed, without adding to your permanent TA headcount.

Our embedded RPO model is the ultimate extension of your team providing you with immediate access to our global hiring expertise.


For unique hiring requirements to meet the demands of a specific location, function, or program.

Our project-based fee structure is a combination of upfront + success fee and is inclusive of our recruiting tech stack and in-house expert support. We agree a fixed price and timeline prior to starting, tracked via our project planning team with milestones and deliverables that can be flexed to suit changing demands.


For ad-hoc hires on success fee only.

Traditional contingent recruitment is on a percentage fee per hire.

You may require confidential hires or a one-off hire that is urgent or complex. In this case, our contingent solution is a perfect choice.

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More than just hiring

Our flexible offering caters to companies seeking an embedded talent solution, whether as a stand-alone Talent Acquisition function or support for existing TA teams.

With Troi, your dedicated Talent Partner seamlessly integrates into your team, empowered by centralized sourcing and the latest recruiting tech stack. They take full control of the end-to-end hiring process, enabling scalable recruitment.

We operate on a fixed fee monthly subscription basis, with no restrictions on the number of hires we make.

    • Market Intelligence 
    • Salary benchmarking
    • DE&I process solutions
    • Omnichannel inbound/outbound strategy
    • Employer branding and value propositions
    • Design and implement hiring process
    • Interview training

Saving over $780k to date on recruitment costs.

Troi successfully developed a hiring function within two territories, after truly embedding with Epic Games ensuring previously engrained hiring processes were adhered to.

The Troi team worked extremely closely with stakeholders to understand the hiring objectives and take over the end-to-end process of recruiting.


Saved in recruitment costs.


Tech & commercial hires placed.


Global companies partnered with so far.