Scale your hires

Our embedded recruitment solution allows our talent consultants to work full time within your business delivering:

Volume hiring
Enhanced employer brand
Reduced cost per hire
Via a flat monthly fee

Haven’t got the volume for Embedded right now? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered

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Scale your hires

Our embedded recruitment solution allows our talent consultants to work full time within your business delivering:

Volume hiring
Enhanced employer brand
Reduced cost per hire
Via a flat monthly fee

Haven’t got the volume for Embedded right now? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered

We are Troi, and we’ve reimagined RPO

Wij integreren naadloos met je team om je doelstellingen op het gebied van talentwerving te bereiken. Rekening houdend met je bedrijfscultuur en -waarden, bieden we je tegelijk jarenlange expertise en een volledig geoptimaliseerd netwerk. En niet te vergeten dat je Troi partner(s) beschikking hebben tot de kennis van het hele team hier bij Troi, "no man is an island" tenslotte.


Met Troi krijg je alle stakeholder vaardigheden, strategisch denken en persoonlijke accenten van een in-house recruiter met het netwerk, bereik en de urgentie van outsourcing. Dat is waar de collectieve kracht van Troi om draait.


Saved in recruitment costs.


Tech & commercial hires placed.


Global companies partnered with so far.

Demand more from your hiring partner

5 years in and we’re more than just hires. We become your embedded talent partner by placing a multi-disciplinary talent team to take care of your end-to-end recruitment process primarily focusing on tech and commercial recruitment.


We’ve helped over 150 clients scale their teams and surpass growth targets with our range of flexible recruitment solutions on our embedded subscription-based or pay-as-you-go models. We want to help you do the same.

Good things happen with Troi

Your flexible talent partner


Delivering embedded recruitment solutions bespoke to your business, locally and globally. Troi helps you to navigate your hiring challenges and scale your business by attracting, hiring, and retaining talent. 

Are you ready to secure top talent?

Why people love us.

Social responsibility


Als een stel écht goede mensen steunen we zo veel mogelijk goede doelen als we kunnen!

We houden je op de hoogte van komende evenementen op onze social media, maar neem hieronder een kijkje om enkele van onze huidige partnerschappen te zien met goede doelen die veel voor ons betekenen.

Wist je dat het maken en leveren van slechts één laptop zo'n 214 kilo CO2 creëert?! Ja, wij waren ook geschockeerd. Daarom besloten we een duurzaam IT beleid te voeren.

Al onze technologie wordt gekocht bij Klyk, die alles opknappen en recyclen. Van laptops tot iPhones, volgens hun missie om het bedrijfsleven groen te maken - en we zijn enorm enthousiast dat we deel uitmaken van hun visie!

We began working with CALM as their embedded hiring function. Working with such an amazing organisation and learning about the work they do, compelled our team to get involved!

As part of our partnership with CALM we’ve baked, walked, quizzed, and put on our poker faces all with the aim of raising £3,000.

Partnerschap met scholen in Sierra Leone

Onze voortdurende relatie met EducAid is er een waar we super trots op zijn.

EducAid bouwt voort op de basis van kwaliteitsonderwijs in een omgeving van gelijkheid. De komende vijf jaar sponsoren we een school in Sierra Leone om de kinderen in de omgeving een stabiele opleiding te geven.

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Fantastically Asked Questions

Who and what are Troi?

In a nutshell: Your embedded talent partner

We offer a scalable embedded recruitment service providing in-house talent acquisition teams to help you hire at scale and retain. All on a flexible monthly basis.

Our ethos is to fully embedded our talent acquisition team into your company, living and breathing your culture and values.

What is RPO in recruitment?

RPO, known as Recruitment Process Outsourcing involves external talent acquisition specialists to manage your hiring, either acting as an entire hiring function or certain components of it. RPO providers tend to work externally to the company and focus solely on hiring.

Troi offers a supercharged embedded RPO model that takes the shape of a living, breathing ecosystem offering a ton of value-added solutions, not just hiring. We offer a complete end-to-end strategic recruitment solution, and the flexibility to go with it.

What makes you different from the others out there?

We have a diverse, results driven team of talent acquisition talent acquisition specialists that have a minimum of 8-10 years experience of hiring specialist tech and commercial roles for the world’s fastest growing businesses.

They embed quickly and bring with them a suite of professional tools, systems and a selective internal database that houses incredible candidates sourced from talent pools many are not able to tap into. Our talent acquisition managers are backed by a team leader and customer success that report on a weekly and monthly basis, all part of your Troi team.

Cost control is critical. What's it going to cost me?

A monthly package on a flat fee, regardless of the amount of hires we secure for you. We do not charge per hire (like traditional agency fees)

With changing business conditions and increasing financial pressures we offer the ultimate flexibility to get the maximum value but without compromising on the quality of our service.

What if you don’t make any hires?

Sometimes, certain situations can make hiring problematic, but we have a way forward:

Identify: If there’s a problem, identify it and develop solutions.
Personal: Our solutions will be data driven and tailored to each client.
In it together: Working in partnership we will define a clear progression path, with goals, to support your hiring.

To avoid this you have a dedicated customer success lead whose role is to identify problems early and implement the solutions needed for a successful partnership.

How long does onboarding take?

1-2 weeks following contract signing.

Aside from hiring, what else do we get from the monthly fee?

In short, a complete strategic recruitment service including:

  • Complex searches
  • Employee branding and value proposition
  • Building your inbound and outbound strategy
  • Salary and package benchmarking
  • ATS/implement/manage/cultivate
  • DE&I
  • Process redesign
  • Background checks
  • Onboarding and retention

What do we do if our situation changes?

We hate goodbyes, but we understand the changing ways of the business world. Which is why we offer our services on a monthly service, with no minimum term, and no hidden charges.

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