Delivering at the scale of a traditional RPO but with the flexibility and cost savings of embedded

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Delivering at the scale of a traditional RPO but with the flexibility and cost savings of embedded

Flexible Embedded Talent Solutions for Scalable Hiring Success 🚀

Scalable and customisable to meet your specific needs helping you to deliver at speed, without adding to your permanent TA headcount. Our embedded recruitment model is the ultimate extension of your team providing you with immediate access to our global hiring expertise.

We take a strategic and consultative approach, identifying areas where we can improve your recruitment process to ensure maximum efficiency whilst maintaining your brand values and culture. Additionally, our specialist teams are dedicated to diversity hiring in traditionally homogenous industries, providing a unique advantage in sourcing diverse talent. 

With our scalable solution, you can have a clear view of your hiring requirements without limitations with our end-to-end recruitment function that has the flexibility to handle market volatility. 

embedded hiring for BT

Managing hiring requirements with ease and agility

Whether you’re a growing start-up or scale-up expanding into new territories or an established enterprise looking to rapidly scale your workforce, partnering with our Embedded RPO solution can bring a multitude of benefits to your talent acquisition strategy. By leveraging a global candidate pool and modern HR tech stack, you can tap into top talent across different regions and functionalities while maintaining a cohesive and inclusive hiring process.

    • Global reach: Our embedded recruitment service allows you to tap into a wider pool of global candidates, giving you access to a diverse range of talent from around the world.
    • Modern technology: We use the latest HR tech stack, including AI-driven tools, to streamline the recruitment process and help you identify the best candidates quickly and efficiently.
    • Regional expertise: Our team of recruiters has expertise in hiring across different regions and functionalities, meaning we can provide a tailored recruitment strategy that meets your specific needs.
    • Strategic partnership: We don’t just act as an external recruitment agency, we become a strategic partner to your business, working closely with you to understand your culture, values, and business objectives to deliver the best talent for your organisation.
Troi providing embedded recruitment for H&B

Our Talent Acquisition Managers have hired over 350 roles across multiple functions to help drive a huge digital transformation project and have secured talent and leadership experience from Facebook, Google, and Amazon, helping H&B to become an attractive option for developers looking to move.

    • £2.1m+ Annual savings vs agency model.
    • 180+ Tech hires in the last 12 months.
    • 357 Total hires to date

Saved in recruitment costs.


Tech & commercial hires placed.


Global companies partnered with so far.