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Despite the challenges of the pandemic, pressures on cost of living and the current economic uncertainty, the bigger picture suggests the Netherlands tech ecosystem is robust, with a varied and thriving startup ecosystem and a growing international workforce enticed to the Netherlands by its wonderful cities and progressive pro-immigration policies. 

We think, given the projected growth of the Dutch ecosystem and the increased demand for tech talent, we’re well-placed to partner with scaling Dutch businesses to help deliver high quality talent to support that growth… We’ve set up operations in the heart of Amsterdam which allows Troi to support all pillars of the tech ecosystem in the Netherlands – from natively-founded startups, to international big tech and thriving scaleups.

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7 reasons why…

Startup Ecosystem

Troi’s client-base in the UK and the US has been anchored with the startup and scaleup world, with a primary focus on recruiting for technology roles so it is a natural progression to set up shop in Amsterdam. 

Broad and varied business climate

The Netherlands’ technology startup ecosystem is thriving partly due to being home to a growing number of unicorns, including Bunq, Mollie and Backbase.

Progressive economic climate

Thanks to its open culture and attitude to startups, The Netherlands continues to advance up the European startup leadership tables, and continues to attract major talent from around the world.

Talent Hub – International talent pool

As a global operating talent acquisition company we can’t help but be excited about what the Netherlands has to offer in terms of being a thriving international talent hub. 

Innovation hub

The Netherlands is at the forefront of using technology to tackle the world’s problems including smart mobility, green energy transition, the circular economy and using tech to have a positive social impact.

Existing client base 

Troi is already experienced at working, and hiring within the Dutch market, with an impressive track record built up with Miro and Epic Games.

Synergies with the Troi culture

The Netherlands strives to be an adult first workplace, where companies are relaxed towards working hours, and monitoring of employees. Treating people like adults instead of micromanaging is creating a thriving, creative workplace culture. 

Saving €1,150m annually on recruitment costs.

Miro needed to hire exceptional talent rapidly so Troi was brought in to hire across Product, Design, Product Ops, Data Science, Data Analytics, and Product Analytics.

Bringing together the talent acquisition community throughout the Netherlands.

Troi have been working with Yuma Heymans at HeroHunt.ai and the team at Recruitee to build a Slack Community for internal recruiters in the Netherlands.

What’s it for?
👉 We want to bring together the talent acquisition community throughout the Netherlands (particulary in the tech startup and scaleup community) so we can help each other tackle the issues of today. Whether that be something big like hiring through the impending recession, or day-to-day things like sharing active candidates and related content, sharing roles within the recruitment space and, generally, being kind and helping each other out.

This is not a community where ‘selling’ will be tolerated, we’re building a safe and inclusive community. What’s the #1 rule of Flight Club… yep, that kind of vibe. It’s worth noting too that you don’t need to based in the Netherlands, if you’re recruiting there too you’re more than welcome!

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EPIC Games

Average Annual Savings: £870,000
Total Hires to date: 36


Average Annual Savings: €1.1m
Total Hires to date: 50

The modern take on a traditional RPO model.

With a hiring landscape filled with accelerators, co-working spaces, and events geared towards attracting high quality candidates seeking fast paced working, career progression, and first class retention packages, Troi sees the Netherlands as one of the world’s most interconnected economies.


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