Working with Troi & Edge1 has been a pleasure so far. The team is fun, down-to-earth, and knowledgeable. They really get under the skin of our briefs and turned tough to fill vacancies round from brief to offer stage in half the time it was taking before. They genuinely just want the best for business and candidate. It doesn’t feel like you are working with a recruiter when working with Troi & Edge1, they just feel like an extension of our team. We’d have no hesitation in engaging them on future spikes in recruitment.


Good people talk to good people. You want to be seen as a ‘go-to place’, especially in the tech world where everyone is always looking for the next big thing. In fact, some areas with BT, a major telco organisation, eventually reached a position where nearly all of their hiring was done through internal referrals.

Dan McCarthySenior Solutions Consultant embedded with BT

“We decided to pilot an embedded recruitment partner for the first time as a solution for increased hiring demand. Market research led us to select Troi as our embedded partner. Matthew proved to be an incredible success successfully filling ten positions in 4 months.

He redesigned a number of recruitment processes, solved for several complex problems and partnered effectively across a variety of teams collaborating with a number of senior stakeholders. I could not recommend Matthew highly enough and would not hesitate to deploy this solution again if required. Well done Matthew and thank you Troi.”

Lee AbrahamsProximie

“There’s a fantastic startup and innovation scene across the Netherlands, from the scene in Utrecht, to the academic-led spinouts in Delft and the amazing work being done in Eindhoven too in the electronics space. Amsterdam is a great launchpad for that too. It’s simply a country set up for startups to thrive, with the phrase ‘work hard, play hard’ resonating throughout Dutch culture. They are professional in the workplace but they place a large emphasis on having fun too. Opening up a headquarters in the heart of Amsterdam allows Troi to partner with global tech firms that are expanding into the Dutch territory, providing a complete end-to-end embedded recruitment service.”


Nick Mortimer, Regional Director (Europe)

“Embedded recruitment is the modern way for organisations using third parties to scale their organisations. You get the control and brand integrity of being in-house (and the positive impact that has on employer branding and candidate experience) with the reach and flexibility of an agency.

In some ways, it’s also a bit like the management consultancy model for recruitment. You bring outside expertise and knowledge inside your business with the remit of solving issues that impeded growth.

I think embedded works particularly well for high-growth businesses where internal talent teams might be inundated by projects and increasing process expectations, with embedded recruiters you can cut through that to ensure hiring quality people is still happening in amongst the change.”

Nick Mortimer

Troi is an “embedded” talent/recruitment business where we provide our employees with expert Talent Consultants on a monthly subscription basis to customers, with no additional fees. This model brings results (hires, employer branding, process, tools), spending consistency and control, and reduces both total cost and your own employment risk.

We don’t compromise on our talent and have experienced consultants (8+ years), completing successful client assignments, ready to work with you exclusively and on a flexible contract.

Simon Samuel

Troi came in and became part of the team, not just an extended partner. They truly embedded themselves into the business, understanding our requirements, working closely with stakeholders and managing our hiring process, maintaining our time to hire through a high growth period.

Chris YeaHead of Talent - Hokodo

Troi has offered great value as a Talent Partner to PassFort. As a scaling early stage start-up, there’s often an urgency for quite specialised and experienced hires. Troi brings the experience to hit the ground running, ramp quickly to embed into the business and deliver results. 3 months in and we’ve far surpassed expectations in terms of the number of hires, and have successfully transitioned to a predominantly direct-source model. The investment has been well and truly worth it.

Courtney SuhrPeople Manager - PassFort

We need to be at the forefront of the rapidly advancing technology that is helping our customers meet their health and wellness goals. We are investing heavily in delivering more speed in the retail experience, greater convenience in service and delivery, and increasing personalisation in our brand and product propositions, both in-store and online.

Holland & Barrett

Epic is a leading interactive entertainment company and provider of 3D engine technology and required support with hiring across multiple disciplines. Troi have worked extremely closely with stakeholders to understand the hires and supplement the recruitment team in UK and EU taking on full end to end responsibilities.

Peter ShamHead of Talent Enablement - Troi