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If you consider over 90,000 jobs were cut last year in the U.S across public and private tech businesses it is fair to say that we are sitting in a client driven market – companies who are currently hiring in this market now have the luxury of becoming more specific in their requisitions.

In 2023, for both passive and active candidates, Job security & future proofing is just as important as the package and in turn companies will have to re-evaluate their wider proposition in the market, considering culture, support for general health (physical and mental), work life balance, remote working and not just the salary budget.

We think, given the projected growth of the US ecosystem and the increased demand for tech talent, we’re well-placed to partner with scaling US businesses to help deliver high quality talent to support that growth… We’ve set up operations in the heart of New York which allows Troi to support all pillars of the tech ecosystem in the US – from natively-founded startups, to international big tech and thriving scaleups.


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6 reasons why…

Increased efficiency

An in-house team becoming your dedicated international talent partner can focus solely on the company’s recruitment needs, reducing the time to fill positions and improving the quality of hires.

Better alignment with company culture

Our embedded recruiters have a deep understanding of the company culture and values, which helps them identify and attract candidates who are a good fit.

Cost savings

Companies can save money on external recruitment fees and expenses associated with agency partnerships.

Improved candidate experience

Our embedded recruiters can offer a more personalized and streamlined recruitment experience for candidates, which can help build the company’s brand and reputation.

Better data and insights

With an in-house team, companies can collect and analyze data on recruitment metrics and make informed decisions to improve their hiring processes.

Existing client base 

Troi is already experienced at working, and hiring within the US market, with an impressive track record built up with Miro and Epic Games.

Saving $780k annually on recruitment costs.

Epic Games required a streamlined talent acquisition process to help grow teams across development, art and production in the US, UK and Europe.

The changing role of the HRD.

👉 Human Resource teams are overwhelmed, and it shows – there’s a new emphasis on delivering a superior employee experience. Line managers and employees now expect more on-demand access to HR services. The 2023 hiring landscape necessitates new priorities: it’s time to move to the new HR operating model of tomorrow.

In this guide we will be covering topics including:

The role of the HRD in the US market – in the current times
Capital investment in the current economy
Salary benchmarking
Pay transparency
2023 hiring trends

US case studies

EPIC Games

Average Annual Savings: £870,000
Total Hires to date: 36


Average Annual Savings: €1.1m
Total Hires to date: 50

The modern take on a traditional RPO model.

According to Gartner’s HR survey, 36% of US HR leaders say their recruiting strategies fall short when it comes to finding the skills they need.

In the current climate, recruiting success is less about execution and more about strategic thinking, creative problem-solving, and aligning with the overall objectives of the business. 

Furthermore, as attrition rates continue to rise and competition for the best candidates intensifies, companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of talent acquisition. High attrition rates can be costly for companies as they can lead to increased recruitment and training expenses, reduced productivity, and decreased employee morale.

In the coming year, recruitment is poised to be regarded as a strategic function, with recruiters expected to provide market insights and a fresh perspective and aid companies in transforming their talent acquisition processes.

Troi is an embedded recruitment solution via a monthly subscription package that provides your company with the very best of in-house and agency recruitment skills and knowledge. 

Our flat-fee model is built on flexibility and transparency, allowing you to rapidly scale your hiring whilst maintaining complete cost control, perfect in these times of economic uncertainty and increased pressures on HR departments to fulfil headcount targets. 

Our current US clients have also sought to engage us in light of our experience and value-adding services – positioning each of their opportunities with their best foot in the market and offering solutions across the end-to-end hiring process.

We’ve helped over 150 clients globally surpass their growth targets by hiring and retaining incredible talent and we want to help you do the same.