Helping Dexory build out their tech team with 8 key hires including senior leadership roles

Dexory captures real-time insights of warehouse operations using fully autonomous robots and Artificial Intelligence.


Troi Search joined as first talent acquisition hire after securing $13m in investment, with a plan to scale up to 30+ by December from a team of 17.

Prior to partnering with us Dexory didn’t have an ATS, reporting/analytics and there was no other route to market other than Indeed. They are a fascinating, and complex business encompassing robotics (all developed and built in-house) and a software platform (all developed and built in-house) which adds further complexity when selecting and sourcing top tier talent.

8 key hires including:

  • Front End Developer
  • Product Manager
  • Embedded Software Engineer
  • QA Engineer

The solution…


Sourced and implemented an ATS

Setup reporting & analytics

Established priority role list

Established feedback loop timings

Utilised Troi’s GTM tools (LinkedIn, Cord, AmazingHiring)

8 hires across tech including senior leadership roles

“Troi have been a pleasure to work with. Upon coming into the business, any HRDs worst nightmare is not having the right tools in place in order to do the job or the right tools to be able to access an overview of where you are as a business. I was very fortunate to come into the business with Troi in place who had taken the reins on our recruitment and really set us up for success by researching and implementing an ATS system which has met our needs and budget. It has been amazingly insightful in terms of reporting and has really supported the smooth running of our recruitment process. Troi have supported us also with expert advice on market insights, out of the box thinking on talent attraction and much, much more. We have had the pleasure of working with recruiters who gave our candidates a high quality professional experience throughout their journey with us regardless of the outcome of those candidates. I would highly recommend Troi to any business who is thinking about which route to take with their recruitment process. Thank you to everyone at Troi.”

Head of People – Dexory