Retail Tech recruitment solutions

Recruiting for Global Industry Leaders across Retail Tech

Our strategic led approach to embedded hiring in specialist tech and commercial roles is designed to save you time, money and resources.

Retail Tech recruitment solutions

We’re here for the start-ups, scale-ups & enterprises

Meeting the hiring challenges of a rapidly expanding sector


In the ever-changing landscape of retail technology, success relies on having the right expertise. We’re experts in finding top-tier talent specifically tailored for the retail tech sector. Our personalised approach ensures that we connect businesses with elite retail tech professionals, whether you’re seeking e-commerce specialists, in-store technology experts, supply chain and logistics professionals, or MarTech gurus.

Backed by a proven track record and an extensive network, we’re your trusted partner for building a resilient retail tech infrastructure that drives success and fuels growth ambitions.

Why partner with Troi Search?

Each recruiter at Troi Search boasts over 8 years of experience in specialist tech recruitment, honing their skills in both agency and internal recruiting settings for global companies. They have an active global candidate pool to source incrediable tech talent from, built up over years of recruiting for the worlds leading brands.

Unrivaled Expertise:

Our recruiters possess extensive experience and operate globally, offering invaluable knowledge and expertise to benefit your business. With a deep understanding of the tech landscape, they identify top talent, and deliver tailored recruitment solutions to meet your specific goals, supporting your business growth every step of the way.

Insightful Support:

Troi Search has aided several global companies, from start-ups to scale-ups and enterprises, in surpassing their growth targets by serving as their dedicated tech recruitment agency.