As we’re heading into an economic downturn, many businesses are asking themselves the same people-related questions:

How do we continue to grow our business without growing our headcount as planned? Might we even need to lay off employees? Which roles are essential? With more candidates on the market – how do we find the right one for those roles we still need to fill?

Regardless of your answer to any of these queries – too many companies make rash decisions before considering all the implications. So, what are those implications we need to be aware of?

Troi have partnered with Alva Labs to explore how to hire during a recession and how companies can rethink approaches to their recruitment process during an economic downturn.

How to hire during a recession webinar


For this discussion, we were joined by:

Jonathan Coulter

Jonathan Coulter
CEO and Co Founder at Troi

Dhevesh Mewewalla

Dhevesh Mewewalla
Head of UK at Alva Labs

Tove Hernlund

Tove Hernlund
Moderator and Events & Community Manager at Alva Labs

Webinar overview:

Jonathan and Dhevesh are not only working within the recruitment industry, but in fast growing companies, as well. As such, they are in a unique position to provide valuable insight on this difficult topic. They will attempt to look into the crystal ball, and solve the million-dollar question; how should we actually hire during a recession?

Key topics covered:

  • Why it’s crucial to maintain a long term hiring strategy to secure sustainable growth.
  • What the current economic macro trends are and how they’re likely to impact business growth.
  • Which factors and angles we need to be mindful of before we make decisions – and what you should do today.
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About Alva Labs

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