What is RPO and how does Troi fit into this recruitment model?

There are two main recruitment models which companies can choose from when deciding to scale up their number of employees without using an in-house team: the recruitment agency model and the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model.  Recruitment agencies are the traditional way of outsourcing the talent search for companies who don’t have their own in-house…

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Growth through uncertain times

How embedded recruitment can help smartly scale your business If you’ve seen the headlines about the UK’s uncertain economic climate and the encroaching ‘slowdown’, you might be second guessing your business’ scaling plan. But a ‘slowdown’ doesn’t necessarily mean your business needs to stop growing. Whilst the latest Financial Stability Report from the Bank of…

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Troi - embedded recruitment model

The Difference Between Internal and Embedded Recruitment

A Guide to Embedded vs Internal Recruitment Hiring Solutions   For those that are familiar with an internal recruitment function, but are new to the embedded model, it may seem that there is an overlap between the two. And there is. However, there are differences in terms of scope, the consultant-client relationship, and urgency. Which…

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Embedded Hiring Model

How to Save Time and Money while Transforming Your Digital Infrastructure with an Embedded Hiring Model

Many established retail brands are facing a rapid shift in consumer demand, and while it was accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic it seems this shift is here to stay. Indeed ONS data shows that “internet sales accounted for 26.6% of all official retail sales, compared with 19.7% in February 2020.” How our spending has changed…

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