We believe that hiring should be a smooth process with a focus on finding the right people.

That’s why we reimagined the recruitment model and focussed on developing a system that puts people and partnerships at its core.

Our team is what makes Troi, Troi. We’ve come a long way in 5 years from being the pioneer of the embedded recruitment way to drive the business forward and adapt to market demands. Our results-driven, ambitious, and highly skilled talent team have successfully helped over 150+ companies surpass their growth targets by hiring and retaining incredible talent. 

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Because at the end of the day, we work with you. That’s the beauty of our embedded model.

We seamlessly integrate with your team to deliver on your talent acquisition goals. Maintaining your company culture and values, while providing you with years of expertise and a fully optimised network. Not to mention that your Troi partner(s) will have the ability to draw on the knowledge of the entire team here at Troi, “no man is an island” after all.

With Troi you get all the stakeholder skills, strategic thinking and personal touches of an in-house recruiter with the network, reach, and urgency of outsourcing. That’s what the collective power of Troi is all about.


The Beginning

Back in 2017, an idea to revolutionise recruitment started to permeate our founders’ minds. The concept was initially to provide a more cost-effective solution for scaling businesses.

Since then we’ve grown, evolved and blossomed, and our core offering is still the same: embedded hiring partners, delivering directly for you on a subscription basis.

The Present

We’ve developed our embedded recruitment solution and taken talent acquisition to a global scale. With headquarters in the UK, US and NL we continue to dedicate delivering the very best in recruitment to our partners worldwide.

The Future

There are exciting things on the horizon for Troi, but our mission is still the same: provide a flexible and effective solution to talent acquisition that’s designed for modern businesses.

Girl at a Camp Fire


As a bunch of genuinely good people, we get involved in as many charity projects as we can!

We’ll keep you looped in on upcoming events on our socials, but take a look below to see some of our ongoing partnerships with charities that mean a lot to us.

Did you know that making and delivering just one laptop creates around 214 kilograms of CO2?! We were shocked too. That’s why we decided to implement a sustainable IT policy.

All our tech is bought from Klyk, who refurbish and recycle everything from laptops to iPhones on their mission to make business green – and we’re more than happy to be part of their vision!

We began working with CALM as their embedded hiring function. Working with such an amazing organisation and learning about the work they do, compelled our team to get involved!

As part of our partnership with CALM we’ve baked, walked, quizzed, and put on our poker faces all with the aim of raising £3,000.

School Partnership in Sierra Leone

Our ongoing relationship with EducAid is one that we’re super proud of.

EducAid builds on the foundation of quality education in an environment of equality. For the next five years, we’ll be sponsoring a school in Sierra Leone to provide a stable education for children in the surrounding area.