“Embedded recruitment is the modern way for organisations using third parties to scale their organisations. You get the control and brand integrity of being in-house (and the positive impact that has on employer branding and candidate experience) with the reach and flexibility of an agency.

In some ways, it’s also a bit like the management consultancy model for recruitment. You bring outside expertise and knowledge inside your business with the remit of solving issues that impeded growth.

I think embedded works particularly well for high-growth businesses where internal talent teams might be inundated by projects and increasing process expectations, with embedded recruiters you can cut through that to ensure hiring quality people is still happening in amongst the change.”

Nick Mortimer

Troi is an “embedded” talent/recruitment business where we provide our employees with expert Talent Consultants on a monthly subscription basis to customers, with no additional fees. This model brings results (hires, employer branding, process, tools), spending consistency and control, and reduces both total cost and your own employment risk.

We don’t compromise on our talent and have experienced consultants (8+ years), completing successful client assignments, ready to work with you exclusively and on a flexible contract.

Simon Samuel