Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager for Troi, Carrie champions both our inbound and outbound/lead generation strategy and ensures Troi has a strong digital presence across multiple channels.


Roger acts as a business partner to the CEO, helping to devise and execute the company’s strategy. In addition to Finance, he also has oversight over the company’s IT, HR and Facilities functions.

Regional Director (EU)

Having joined back in 2017, Nick has worked across pretty much every area of Troi from client delivery to business development. Nick’s main focus now is helping Troi’s expansion into European markets.


Johnny founded Troi with Simon Samuel back in 2017 with the dream of creating a new hiring model that could take on the status-quo of recruitment and reinvent how people approach hiring. Johnny has served as the CEO of Troi..


Simon conceived of Troi with Johnny Coulter when working together in 2015/16, but it took a couple of years for them to get it off the ground! Simon’s focus at Troi is investment, product development and expanding international operations.